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The first draft of the newsletter is to be issued to the steering group for comment on the 15th of November and SRA to liaise directly with Nigel Hammond prior to this in order to finalise text. It was requested by the SG in general that some newsletters be made available to the travelling public on all modes. KB indicated that arrangements would be made to distribute some newsletters via dispensers in local garages, Little Chef type outlets and rail or bus stations. MD’A outlined some initial findings from the modelling relating to observed proportions of HGVs.

These range between about 1.6% in the overall Bath matrix to 14% on some northern sections of the A350. The matrix derived from the Charlton Marshall RSI site on the A350 south of Blandford indicates that of the 9,000 vehicles in the 12hr period. CI indicated that there was additional rail data information regarding the number of journeys on each of the different lines.

CI also made reference to findings on the Manchester to Sheffield rail corridor which purports to show that rail has 67% share of the passenger market. Given the similar distance between Bristol and Southampton, why is the existing mode share by rail so low. They confirmed that road and rail routes will be considered and after discussion regarding the A350 south of Warminster. it was also agreed that the assets they had collected could be included to the ARCview presentation for the A350.

They confirmed that they had consulted with all the statutory environmental agencies. WSP indicated that Bath was having a greater focus as a consequence of its status as world heritage site and that the concentration was on regional environmental issues elsewhere. The environmental report will be submitted by the 15th of November and will cover the data collected and the GAP analysis. A request was made that the environmental capital be included as part of the consultation process. SRA indicated that this was indeed part of their approach, Google Penalty Recovery Services which would require stakeholders to rank environmental assets.

It was agreed that the press would be invited to attend the early stages of the stakeholder workshops but not the actual workshop sessions themselves. WSP to draft an invitation to the press, not for publication or broadcast, for approval by GOSW. It was agreed that a press release regarding the workshops would be inappropriate in that it would be bound to attract requests from the public to attend, thereby negating the benefits of a balanced invitation list.

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Normally grants from £5,000 up to a maximum of £25,000 will be allocated. However, in exceptional cases projects costing less than £5,000 but more than £3,000 will be funded. Organisations can received one capital grant of up to £25,000 or one revenue grant of up to £25,000 or a combination of both up to £25,000 in any one year. You will learn about the cultural sector in their country ñ meet colleagues to discuss possible joint activities, exchanges, tours and other collaborations ñ and share your own ideas for projects and partnerships.

Once an organisation has received Social Media Marketing Services both a capital and a revenue grant (of any amount) they become ineligible for a further grant. If you would like to submit an application please phone Lesley Short on 01642 264 916 for a set of guidance notes and an application form.

Completed application forms should be returned to Jan Oliver or Sally Bainbridge at the Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit by Friday, 16 April 2004. Please note that application forms received after this date will not be considered.
The new address is: EUCLID, 85- 89 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5AP, (the old address was 46-48 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5SD). 10 new Member States join the EU on 1 May 2004 ñ bringing a wealth of contemporary and traditional cultures to enhance the diversity of the European Union.

On 19 May in Manchester, the MAY FAIR is an opportunity to meet 40 representatives from the arts, audiovisual, literature, museums & heritage sectors from these countries ñ Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.